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Tactical strategy, the product of research to maximize ROIs.

Google Adwords is the most popular and effective pay per click online marketing tool. However, the way the program is implemented makes a huge difference to the ROIs. As experts in online marketing, SEO and web promotions, our teams of market research and SEM experts refine Adwords implementation to sophisticated levels. We research keywords painstakingly, create custom campaigns keeping in mind your line of business, your competitors and the target markets in addition to timing it just right and placing ads in the right geographic locations. The net result is maximum returns on investment.

While SEO works organically in the background, taking time to build momentum, our implementation of Google Adwords gets you instantaneous results. Our implementation optimize ad spends and get you the fastest payback figures.

We have been working with Google Adwords since 2010. We have fulltime highly qualified Adwords Professionals. Our service allows our clients to reap the reward of Adwords system with much lower costs, better results, enhanced Return on Investment and increased in revenue and profits.

We take care of following points in Google Adwords Services:

* Research of keywords and optimization.

* Creating new ads and promoting them.

* Deleting low performance ads and keywords.

* Management of account in most professional way.

* Well research campaign management.

* Optimization of Ads, Management within your budget.

We have worked with many industries and sectors like real estate, matrimonial, tourism, Software, Hotels, Shopping portal, design, Technology etc. We can manage all aspects of your Google Adwords Account. First we identify the target of your campaign and then handle the keywords, bids, ads and track them on daily/regular basis.

Benefits of Dhiyasoft’s Adwords Services

* You account will be managed by a team of qualified professionals.

* Once you account is set up, we will take care of it and do whatever requires.

* You will save lots of your time and money.

* There will be much higher traffic to your website.

* We will send you weekly/monthly/quarterly reports.

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Google Adwords

Tactical strategy, the product of research to maximize ROIs.

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