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Better brand image, more traffic, increased revenues and a global presence.

Social media is currently the favorite of search engines. Our team of social media experts take on your products, your company and services and then implement social media activities that have the effect of increasing your followers, creating your groups, gaining more attention in circles that matter to you and ultimately leading to meaningful traffic you can convert to sales. Not only this, our social media services also help your website rise in search engine rankings. We create, manage and develop online brand identities, manage reputations and leverage this segment for your maximum benefit, making it a common platform of interaction as well as spiraling growth.

When our team gets going you can be sure the social media world of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and dozens of other online social platforms will be abuzz with your brand. No one does it better than experts at Dhiyasoft. Get in touch with us to know what we can do for you and give your business a quantum boost.

Dhiyasoft offers specialized SMO (Social Media Optimization) Services for our clients worldwide. We offer these services to make a brand of the company on internet and beyond. Social Media Optimization is a most effective way to involve a large number of consumers via online social mediums, gatherings or groups. Dhiyasoft is a world leader in providing SMO Services in order to bridge the gap between the potential customers on internet and the company offering certain products or services to them.

Social Media Optimization is an effective way to engage a large number of consumers via online mediums. SMO Services is the renowned leader of SMO services who works with the motive to bridge the gap between the target audience and their products as well as services. We provide exceptional SMO packages to all our leading clients and this has made us the widely preferred SMO service provider in the world.

Social Media Optimization is an important part of every company’s Digital Marketing Strategies. It helps in regular engagement with your target customers. We at Dhiyasoft know pulse of social media and we can help you to build your brand and increase traffic to your website.

Why to choose us in Social Media Optimization?

Facebook has 1.3 billion users while twitter has 275 million users. Hence it becomes important to do Social Media Optimization if you really want to grow your business and want to reach the target audience on internet. SMO will bring your brand in the forefront of target user base. We offer following services in our Social Media Optimization Service: Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, Brand Building, Content Rewriting, Interaction with Customer and its management, Social Media Advertising.

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SMO Plans

The right price

Plan Name Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
INR/Month 4999 9999 14999 49999
USD/Month 75 150 225 735
Minimum Contract Period 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Facebook Account Setup
Post Per Month 15 30 50 120
Facebook Groups
New Link Per Month 5 10 15 50
Linked Acc Setup
Posts Per Month 10 15 20 50
Twitter Acc Setup
Posts Per Month 15 20 25 75
Google+ Acc Setup
Posts Per Month 15 30 50 120
Pinterest Acc Setup X X
Sourcing of Pin Board Content X X
Pin Borad Updates X X
Blog writing Post 5 10 15 50

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Targeted traffic, rising scale of revenues and an expanding web presence.

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Targeted traffic, rising scale of revenues and an expanding web presence.

Social Media Optimization

Better brand image, more traffic, increased revenues and a global presence.

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SMO Plans

Social Media Optimisation is the upcoming online marketing tool which creates publicity and recognition for particular brand services

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